TemaSearch - Integration Details


There are several ways of integrating TemaSearch into your existing website. The method you use depends on

Web Form

WebForm is the simplest way to add TemaSearch to a website and requires just HTML expertise. It involves modifying the HTML on the existing search page on your site. The <FORM> is changed to send search requests to our TemaSearch site before they are then processed by your search engine in the usual way. This integration method offers good performance and provides a number of basic configuration options. Further details can be found here

The diagram below illustrates the sequence of events when a search query is made against the TemaSearch service using an HTML form.

Web Service

This integration method requires that you add a few lines of server-side code to the server program that handles the search request on your site. The additional code invokes the TemaSearch web service with the original search query, which returns a new search query. This query is then processed by your search engine in the usual way.

This method also offers good performance, and advanced options, such as separate results for Nynorsk and Bokmål. The diagram below shows when the TemaSearch Web Service is invoked during the typical processing sequence of a server-side search engine.

Internal Web Service

The internal web service offers the best performance for the most heavily used sites. Integration is the same as the external web service, although the web service is hosted on your own server and manged by your IT staff. Using a local server reduces network latency and the overall time required for each request, and gives you full control over handling the load on the server.

To install temasearch as a internal web service, you will need to have available

The total disk space required is modest, around 60 MB and runtime memory use is around 80-256 MB depending upon the load.

More details about the technical requirements for the internal web service are given in the Technical Documentation.

Please note, the information contained in this document is correct at the time of writing, though specifications may change without notice.